Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hour 5 Update

Same thing!

Book- Cheater by Michael Laser
Pages- 101 (311 total)
Reading- 55 minutes (160 total)
Blogging- 5 minutes (80 total)
Books Completed- 2
Comments Left By Me- 4 (I'm not counting ones for challenges, but I am counting ones for readers of the hour)

And that's how it's going so far! 2 books in 5 hours definitely isn't bad. I'm thinking something really light next, and then I'll probably tackle The Host.

Thanks to everyone who's left comments! Oh, and since I keep forgetting to mention this, I've opened up my comments so anyone can comment just for this 24 hours! :)

1 comment:

Dewey said...

Hi! You noticed you won a prize, right?

I really liked the thank you note to your aunt about the rooster-shaped maple syrup dispenser on your profile. How do they think up these questions? :)