Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheater by Michael Laser

231 pages

I'm not so good at writing summaries, because they always end up sounding awfully cheesy. Of course, sometimes the ones on book jackets do that, too. But I recommend that if you want to find a good summary, visit or the library website or something.

I really liked this book. I'm finding that more and more I'm liking books that are realistic fiction. The last two I've read are. Of course, I still like fantasy and such, but these are pretty good.

Cheater, like Catalyst, talked about college. As a senior in high school, and someone who is going to be applying pretty soon, these books are sort of dampening my spirits. I'm planning on applying to Ivy League schools, and both of these books list things applicants have done. I've never delivered medicine to sick Eskimos by dogsled, played the oboe with the New York Philharmonic, patented genetic therapy on fruit flies, or written a translation program from Chinese into Somalian! I'd better get working, I guess...

Overall, I liked this book a lot. I like main characters who are smart and remind myself of me. :)

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