Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hour 13 Update

Book- Electric Girl by Michael Brennan
Pages- 160 (995 total)
Reading- 60 minutes (540 total)
Blogging- 0 minutes (190 total)
Books Completed- 5
Comments Left By Me- 5 (I'm not counting ones for challenges, but I am counting ones for readers of the hour)

I've officially reached my goal for the number of books to read. I think I probably should have set it higher, but I didn't know how fast I would be able to get through them.

Over this last hour, I've eaten dinner. And now I feel awfully sleepy. That's not good. I might end up having to take a short nap at some point.

And now back to The Host!

1 comment:

C. B. James said...

13 hours of reading. Well done!