Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hours 4-12 Update

Book: Assassination Classroom, vol. 5 by Yusei Matsui
Progress: 193/193  

Books Completed: 2/5 (1 books, 0 audiobooks, 1 manga, 0 Japanese language manga, 0 visual novel routes)
Challenges Completed: 5/10
(Introductory Meme, Cover Escape, Armchair Traveling, Classics and Comics, Mid-Event Survey)
Minutes Spent Cheering: 25/60

Ohayou gozaimasu! It's now morning here in Japan, and while I didn't sleep as much as a regular night, I still got a good amount of sleep. I have classes to teach tomorrow, you know! But now it's time to get back to reading!

I finished a manga just before sleeping. Now I want to read the next one! Maybe that'll happen soon... For now, I'm off to church! I'll audiobook my way there and back, so I don't miss too much reading time! (And I'll probably sneak some Twitter cheering in between classes. Shhh.)

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Jay Riv said...

I've been readins Assassination Classroo too. Just read volume 5 for this readathon in fact! I hope you've been enjoying the series! Happy Reading!
-Jamie @ Vailia's Page Turner

Aoi Sakura said...

I also did Volume 5! Seriously debating buying Volume 6...