Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hours 18-20 Update

Book: Nisekoi, vol. 4 by Naoshi Komi
Progress: 191/191

Books Completed: 4/5 (1 books, 0 audiobooks, 3 manga, 0 Japanese language manga, 0 visual novel routes)
Challenges Completed: 9/10
(Introductory Meme, Cover Escape, Armchair Traveling, Classics and Comics, Mid-Event Survey, Recommendation Train, Accio Cinnamon Rolls, Book Mad Libs, Four Covers Four Seasons)
Minutes Spent Cheering: 70/60

We're heading into the last bit! Many people have been lost to the night time, but it's just getting close to dinnertime here... Perhaps it's time to fire up the audiobook again and work on dinner and laundry. (Luckily, I pre-cooked the vegetables, so I just have to warm them up and add the noodles for yakisoba!)

I'm doing very well on my goals this time, though. Hurray for slightly-lowered standards! I'm through 4+ books, I've got one challenge to go, and I've cheered more than I asked myself to. So life is pretty good! I've been reading more manga than planned, but it's just so good! I can't help it! I really love manga! (Three guesses what my future career goals include.)

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